EuroPLoP 2013

Conference Organization

Conference Chair: Uwe van Heesch

Program Chair: Christian Kohls

Writers’ Workshop groups in EuroPLoP 2013

Group A – Design and Architecture

Workshop Leader: Uwe Zdun

  • Michael Weiss & Nadia Noori:
    Enabling Contributions in Open Source Projects
  • Daniel Sagenschneider:
    Thread Injection and Continuation Injection
  • Kristian Beckers,Stephan Faßbender, Maritta Heisel:
    A Meta-Model Approach to the Fundamentals for a Pattern Language for Context Elicitation
  • Michael Homer, James Noble:
    Object Creation in Grace
  • Veli-Pekka Eloranta, Marko Leppänen:
    Patterns for Distributed Machine Control System’s Product Management
  • Carsten Hentrich, Uwe Zdun, Vlatka Hlupic, Fefie Dotsika:
    An Approach for Supporting Pattern Mining and Validation through Grounded Theory and its Applications to Process-Driven SOA Patterns
  • Frank Frey, Carsten Hentrich, Uwe Zdun:
    Capability-based Service Identification in Service-Oriented Legacy Modernization
  • Dietmar Schütz:
    Commonality Variability Analysis
Group B – Education

Workshop Leader: Till Schümmer

  • Christian Köppe:
    Towards a Pattern Language for Lecture Design: An inventory and categorization of existing lecture-relevant patterns
  • Christian Köppe, Joost Schalken-Pinkster:
    Lecture Design Patterns: Laying the Foundation
  • Takashi Iba, Taichi Isaku:
    Collaboration Patterns – A Pattern Language for Creative Collaborations
  • Dimitris – Ilias Gkanatsios, Symeon Retalis:
    Interaction patterns for Windows 8 tablet applications
  • Markus Mathar:
    Pattern Language for Presentational Performances
  • Jörg Miller, Philip Meyer, Nadine Ruda:
    Patterns on Civic Engagement, Service Learning and Campus Community Partnerships from the “Program for the Advancement of Service Learning and Social Responsibility of Universities”
  • Till Schümmer, Christina Matschke:
    Patterns for Distributed Communities of Practice
Group C – People

Workshop Leader: Klaus Marquardt

  • Sascha Roth, Christopher Schulz:
    A pattern-based approach to presentations using slide facilities
  • Stefan Holtel:
    A Pattern Language on How to Apply the Visual Instrument PRISM
  • Mika Nakada, Arisa Kamada, Takashi Iba:
    Personal Culture Patterns – A Pattern Language for Living with Continuous Self-fulfillments
  • Klaus Marquardt:
    Optimistic Impositis
  • Klaus Marquardt, Carsten Leischner:
    Integration Oriented Configuration Management
  • Dragan Mileski, Florian Schneider, Bernd Bruegge:
    Visual Storytelling
  • Elissaveta Gourova, Yanka Todorova, Mila Dragomirova:
    Knowledge Management Strategy for SME
  • David Haselberger:
    Facilitation of the Person
Group D – Research and Experience

Workshop Leader: Christopher Preschern

  • Christopher Preschern, Nermin Kajtazovic, Christian Kreiner:
    System of safety-critical embedded Architecture Patterns
  • Manuel Menghin, Norbert Druml, Christopher Preschern, Christian Steger, Reinhold Weiss, Holger Bock, Josef Haid:
    Using design patterns for power-management in embedded systems
  • Jari Rauhamäki, Seppo Kuikka:
    Patterns for control system safety
  • Ansgar Radermacher, Brahim Hamid, Manel Fredj, Jean-Louis Profizi:
    S&D Patterns for Component-Based Applications with Safety Requirements
  • Nermin Kajtazovic, Christopher Preschern, Christian Kreiner:
    Inversion of Control Container for Safety-critical Embedded Systems
  • Christian Kreiner:
    A binding time guide to creational patterns
  • René Reiners, Michael Falkenthal, Dierk Jugel, Alfred Zimmermann:
    Requirements for a Collaborative Formulation Process of Evolutionary Patterns

EuroPLoP 2013 Focus Groups

  • Towards a Pattern Language of Writers’ Workshop Moderation
    Focus Group Lead: Klaus Marquardt
  • Service Identification
    Focus Group Leaders: Uwe Zdun, Frank Frey, Carsten Hentrich
  • Postmortem Software Review by Means of LEGO™ Bricks (literally)
    Focus Group Leaders: Stefan Holtel, Markus Mathar
  • Does Culture play a Role in Software Development?
    Focus Group Leaders: Allan Kelly & Lise Hvatum