Hillside Europe

Mission Statement

The aim of Hillside Europe is to help authors learn about patterns and their writing. We do this by providing expert feedback and peer discussions, and we offer a platform for authors to disseminate their work. We add to the body of knowledge by bringing in new patterns containing expert advice for practitioners and academics, primarily in the field of computing. Apart from computing, Hillside Europe also promotes the use of patterns and pattern languages in other fields. We sponsor a variety of activities to achieve this mission: hosting EuroPLoP and other pattern conferences in Europe, organizing workshops, and producing publications for discussing, recording, and documenting successful practices.


Hillside Europe was founded in Munich in May 2001. From the beginning, the organization’s main goals were to support scientific and educational issues of information technology. Hillside Europe is a non-profit organization officially registered in Munich, Germany. As such, Hillside Europe is allowed to receive  donations which in Germany are subject to tax deduction on the donator’s part. Hillside Europe keeps close links to other groups worldwide with similar interests. In particular Hillside Europe is in close touch with Hillside in the US – an American non-profit organization dedicated to improving human communication about computers by encouraging people to codify common programming and design practice.

Hillside Europe Board

Hillside Europe is managed by its executive committee (president, vice president and treasurer) and receives support from its scientific advisory board.

Christopher Preschern


Christian Kohls

Vice President

Thomas Raser


How to join

Anybody who supports the goals of Hillside Europe is eligible for membership. Typically this is the case when someone has made a long-term active contribution to conferences, workshops or publications overseen by Hillside Europe. You can send us an informal letter to indicate that you want to become a member. There is no membership fee.