Sponsors of EuroPLoP 2024


Dpunkt is a German publisher, targeting technical publications in a multitude of domains. They provide books and e-books, organize workshops and promote conferences for professionals.

Want to become a sponsor?

Join our EuroPLoP family by sponsoring the events! Make sure your company is on the forefront of up and coming developments in technology, business, and education! As an official EuroPLoP sponsor you will be able to:
  • Advertise your company on the EuroPLoP conference to position yourself as a top employer for exceptional talent 
  • Aquire top visibility on our website and social media to stand out as a supporter of research and development
  • Obtain picture material to share on your own social channels
There are multiple ways to sponsor our event and we can tailor your contribution to your own unique context. Some of our sponsors provide us with books as a giveaway for our conference participants. Other sponsors pay the conference fee for conference participants who have troubles raising the money to attend the conference. Regardless of your means, we’d be very happy to have you as a sponsor who helps our community.
To become a sponsor, get in touch with us on “contactform (at)”

Sponsors of past EuroPLoP editions