The core of the conference program are the writers’ workshops where the accepted papers will be discussed. Additionally, we offer an Open Space format for the accepted focus group proposals. The conference also contains many social activities to foster social networking.

Writers Workshops

This is where your paper is discussed during the conference. The workshops group together the authors of up to five papers that thematically fit together. Shortly before the conference begins, we will publish the paper-to workshop assignments. If you are an author, use this page to find which workshop you are assigned to. Non-authors, please use the same page to decide which group you would like to join throughout the conference. All participants should download, print and read all the papers in their group before the conference.


Focus Groups

Focus Groups offer an excellent opportunity to collaborate with other passionate pattern writers. You can submit proposals for focus groups just like you submit papers, but with some description of the format you envision, so we can make sure we can supply you with the materials and facilities you may need. The focus groups are typically a few sessions offered in parallel with a duration of up to 2 hours. Shortly before the conference begins, we will publish the focus group topics, so you can get familiar with them in advance. 

Open Space

Open Space sessions are proposed by the participants during the conference, so they don’t require submission. If there is a topic you care about, and would like to see is discussed at the conference, you will have the chance to propose it on Wed, and throughout the conference.

Open Space sessions follow the open space format.

EuroPLoP is the premier European conference on patterns and pattern languages. Design patterns are a unique and effective way to capture and share expertise, tacit knowledge and research findings.

Unlike other conferences, EuroPLoP focuses on improving papers instead of only presenting them. Authors will receive high quality feedback in a constructive way during the shepherding process and during the workshops at the conference. The feedback can be used to improve submitted papers for final publication.

We hope to be able to organize the conference on-site, but this is subject to change, considering any restrictions imposed by Covid-19. EuroPLoP’s registration fee is normally 1111€ and covers all activities, accommodation, and food.