EuroPLoP 2021

Conference Organization

Conference Chair: Michael Krisper Program Chair: Tiago Boldt Sousa Program Committee: Andreas Fießer, Azadeh Alebrahim, Cesare Pautasso, Christian Kohls, Christopher Preschern, Elissaveta Gourova, Filipe Correia, Frank Frey, Hugo Sereno Ferreira, Jari Rauhamäki, Klaus Marquardt, Lise Hvatum, Michael Krisper, Michael Weiss, Niels Seidel, Olaf Zimmermann, Ruslan Batdalov, Stefan Holtel, Stefan Sobernig, Taichi Isaku, Takashi Iba, Tiago Sousa, Uwe van Heesch Shepherds:  Alberto Silva, Allan Kelly, Apostolos Zarras, Cesare Pautasso, Christopher Preschern, Claudius Link, Eduardo Fernandez, Eduardo Guerra, Elissaveta Gourova, Filipe Correia, Frank Frey, Georg Macher, Jari Rauhamäki, Jason Yip, Klaus Marquardt, Lise Hvatum, Michael Weiss, Nermin Kajtazovic, Niels Seidel, Ralf Laue, Ralf Weissnegger, Ruslan Batdalov, Stefan Holtel, Stefan Sobernig, Sumit Kalra, Thomas Epping, Tiago Sousa, Uwe van Heesch, Uwe Zdun, Veli-Pekka Eloranta, Victor Sauermann

Papers at EuroPLoP 2021

The EuroPLoP 2021 proceedings have been published with ACM. The proceedings include the folllowing papers:
  • Data Structures for a Generic Software System using the Composite Design Pattern Stefan Nadschläger, Daniel Hofer, Markus Jäger, Josef Küng
  • Towards a Pedagogical Pattern Language for Micro Learning in Enterprises Julian Busse, Matthias Schumann
  • Continuous Learning with the Sandwich of Happiness and Result Planning Theo Theunissen, Stijn Hoppenbrouwers, Sietse Overbeek
  • Patterns for Assignment and Passing Objects Between Contexts in Programming Languages Ruslan Batdalov, Oksana Nikiforova
  • Patterns on Deriving APIs and their Endpoints from Domain Models Apitchaka Singjai, Uwe Zdun, Olaf Zimmermann, Cesare Pautasso
  • Patterns for Visual Programming: With a Focus on Flow-based Programming Inspired Systems Marc Schimidt
  • A Pattern Story about C Programming Christopher Preschern
  • Establishing a Pattern Language for the Organization of Distributed Software Development Shakirullah Waseeb, Waheedullah Sulaiman Khail, Valentino Vranić
  • The Strategy Configuration Problem and How to Solve It Apostolos V. Zarras
  • Design Patterns for Curriculum Renewal and Course reDesign Steven Warburton, Mark Perry
  • Towards a Structure of a Pattern Language for Visualising in Business Processes Monika Blattmeier
  • Patterns for Ad-hoc Online Collaboration Dennis Dubbert, Christian Kohls
  • Towards a Pattern Language for ‘Leading Organizations Beyond Predictability’ Sabine Varetza-Pekarz
  • Cooperator: Automating Human-Machine Interfaces to Improve User Experience and Task Efficiency Tudor B. Ionescu, Joachim Fröhlich, Markus Lachenmayr
  • Hiding Technology Dennis Christian Wilk, Christian Kohls
  • A Pattern for a Secure IoT Thing Eduardo B. Fernandez, Hernán Astudillo, Cristian Orellana
  • Design Patterns for Synchronous Hybrid University Courses for Multiple Sites Mareike Kehrer, Kathrin Nieder-Steinheuer
  • Towards a Pattern Language to Embed UX Information in Agile Software Requirements Anathan Telles Pereira, Abner Cleto Filho, Eduardo Guerra, Luciana A.M. Zaina
  • A Myriad of S-Curves Towards Digital Mastery: How to Spark and Nurture Digital Upskilling at Enterprise Level Stefan Holtel, Marietta Kowalczyk, Lelde Paegle
  • A Pattern for Proof of Work Consensus Algorithm in Blockchain Zain Ul Abadin, Madiha Haider Syed
  • From OpenAPI Fragments to API Pattern Primitives and Design Smells Souhaila Serbout, Cesare Pautasso, Uwe Zdun, Olaf Zimmermann
  • Designing Systems for Mobile Collaboration Niels Seidel
  • Composite Pattern for Autonomic Switching of Service Back-Ends between the Fog and the Cloud Dionysis Athanasopoulos
  • A Security Property Decomposition Argument Pattern for Structured Assurance Case Models Jason Jaskolka, Brahim Hamid, Alvi Jawad, Joe Samuel
  • Natural & Creative Living Patterns, Part 1, Patterns for Creative Living Misaki Yamakage, Sora, Hatori, Miku Minami, Mitsuki Saito, Takashi Iba
  • Online Education Patterns, Part 1: Patterns for Linking Separate Worlds Kiyoka Hayashi, Sawami Shibata, Erika Inoue, Sae Adachi, Takashi Iba
  • Embedded Platform Patterns for Distributed and Secure Logging Fikret Basic, Christian Steger, Robert Kofler
  • Patterns for Blockchain-Based Payment Applications Qinghua Lu, Xiwei Xu, H.M.N. Dilum Bandara, Shiping Chen, Liming Zhu
  • A Pattern for a Secure Actuator Node Cristian Orellana, Hernán Astudillo, Eduardo B. Fernandez
  • Some Patterns for Architecting Lectures Siddharth Srivastava, T.V. Prabhakar
  • Principles of Pattern Illustration Design Takashi Iba, Yuka Banno, Hinako Ando
  • Design Patterns for Submission Evaluation within E-Assessment Systems Michael Striewe
  • Applying Architectural Patterns for Parallel Programming: Solving a Matrix Multiplication Jorge L. Ortega-Arjona
  • API Management Patterns for Public, Partner, and Group Web API Initiatives with a Focus on Collaboration Gloria Bondel, Andre Landgraf, Florian Matthes
  • Hybrid Spaces for Designing and Making Christian Kohls
  • Architectural Patterns for Integrating AI Technology into Safety-Critical Systems Maid Dzambic, Jürgen Dobaj, Matthias Seidl, Georg Macher