EuroPLoP 2015

Conference Organization

Conference Chair: Claudius Link

Program Chair: Veli-Pekka Eloranta


EuroPLoP2015 booklet

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Writers’ Workshop groups in EuroPLoP 2015

A – Software Architecture
  • Azadeh Alebrahim, Stephan Faßbender, Martin Filipczyk, Michael Geodicke and Maritta Heisel – Towards Systematic Selection of Architectural Patterns with Respect to Quality Requirements
  • Azadeh Alebrahim, Stephan Faßbender, Martin Filipczyk, Michael Geodicke and Maritta Heisel – Towards a Reliable Mapping between Performance and Security Tactics, and Architectural Patterns
  • Frank J. Frey, Roland Bijvank and Michael Pöttker – Weaving in Patterns into IT Infrastructure Models – Industry Case and Approaches
  • Alexander W. Schneider and Florian Matthes  – Evolving the EAM Pattern Language
  • Michael Weiss – The Business of Open Source: Missing Patterns
  • Juergen Musil, Angelika Musil and Stefan Biffl – The Stigmergic Information System Architecture Pattern for Self-Organizational, User-Generated Content Networks
B – Patterns
  • Till Schümmer, Joerg M. Haake and Wolfgang Stark – Theoretical and Practical Thoughts on the Interplay of Patterns and Creativity
  • Satomi Oi, Tetsuro Kubota, Norihiko Kimura and Takashi Iba – Sticking Patterns to Interview Transcriptions
  • Takashi Iba, Arisa Kamada, Yuma Akado, Takuya Honda, Alice Sasabe and Sakurako Kogure – Fundamental Behavioral Properties, part I  – Extending the Theory of Centers for Pattern Language 3.0
  • Taichi Isaku and Takashi Iba – Creative CoCooking Patterns: A Pattern Language for Creative Collaborative Cooking
  • Stefan Holtel and Markus Mathar – Writers’ Workshops in a Virtual Meeting Environment
  • Lise B. Hvatum and Rebecca Wirfs-Brock – Clarity – Patterns to Build the Magic Backlog
  • Elissaveta Gourova and Mila Dragomirova – Design of Knowledge Management Info-Structures
C – Security Patterns
  • Johanneke Siljee – Privacy Transparency Patterns
  • Michaela Bunke – Software-Security Patterns: Degree of Maturity
  • Andreas Daniel Sinnhofer, Wolfgang Raschke, Christian Steger and Christian Kreiner – Patterns for Common Criteria Certification
  • Tobias Rauter, Andrea Höller, Johannes Iber and Christian Kreiner – Patterns for Software Integrtiy Protection
  • Eduardo B. Fernandez and Brahim Hamid – A pattern for Network Functions Virtualization
  • Rohini Sulatycki and Eduardo B. Fernandez – Two threat patterns that exploit “Security misconfiguration” and “Sensitive data exposure” vulnerabilities
  • Anas Motii, Brahim Hamid, Agnes Lanusse and Jean-Michel Bruel – Guiding the selection of security patterns based on security requirements and pattern classification
D – Embedded Systems
  • Georg Macher and Christian Kreiner – Embedded System Development Process Pattern
  • Christopher Preschern – Idioms for Error Handling in C
  • Jari Rauhamäki and Seppo Kuikka – A Few Patterns to Implement Protective Measures
  • Georg Macher, Andrea Höller, Eric Armengaud and Christian Kreiner – Safety-Critical Embedded System Multi-Core Migration Pattern
  • Andrea Höller, Tobias Rauter, Johannes Iber and Christian Kreiner – Patterns for Automated Software Diversity
  • Christian Kreiner – Essential architectural views for dependable systems design
  • Azadeh Alebrahim and Maritta Heisel – Applying Performance Patterns for Requirements Engineering
E – Education
  • Joe Bergin, Christian Kohls, Christian Köppe, Yishay Mor, Michel Portier, Till Schummer, Steven Warburton – Assessment-Driven Course Design – Foundational Patterns
  • Niels Seidel – Interaction design pattern of spatio-temporal annotations in video learning environments
  • Niels Seidel – Making web video accessible – interaction design patterns for accessible e-learning technologies
  • Anne Bartilla and Christian Köppe – Awareness Seeds for more Diversity in Computer Science Education
  • Christian Köppe, Ralph Niels, Robert Holwerda, Lars Tijsma, Niek van Diepen, Koen van Turnhout and Rene Bakker – Flipped Classroom Patterns – Designing Valuable In-Class Meetings
  • Paul Salvador Inventado – Data-Driven Design Pattern Production: A Case Study on the ASSISTments Online Learning System
  • Christian Kohls – Patterns for Creative Thinking –  Idea Generation
F – Organizational Patterns
  • Mark den Hollander – Organizational Patterns for Multidisciplinary Development of Mechatronic Systems
  • Laura Hokkanen and Marko Leppänen – Three Patterns for User Involvement in Startups
  • Andreas Fiesser – Control Your Channel
  • Andreas Rüping – Flow – A Few Patterns for Balancing Flexibility and Steadiness in Decision-Making
  • Uwe van Heesch – Collaboration Patterns for Offshore Software Development
  • Dina Salah and Richard Paige – Patterns for Integrating Agile Development Processes and User centred Design
  • Yuma Akado, Sakurako Kogure, Alice Sasabe, Jei-Hee Hong, Keishi Saruwatari and Takashi Iba – Five Ideas for Designing Pattern Mining Workshops
G – Mobile and Web Applications
  • Tim Wellhausen – Start Writing Today – A Pattern to Return to a Pattern Conference
  • Tim Wellhausen – Entity View – Simplify the Retrieval of Data in Applications Based on a Domain-Driven Design
  • Virginia Niculescu – MixDecorator: An Enhanced Version of Decorator Pattern
  • Rodrigo Vilar, Delano Oliveira and Hyggo Almeida – Rendering patterns for modern Web Enterprise Applications
  • Alberto Rodrigues da Silva, Dusan Savic, Sinisa Vlajic, Ilija Antovic, Sasa Lazarevic, Vojislav Stanojevic, Milos Milic – Patterns for Better Use Cases Specification
  • Inês Coimbra Morgado and Ana C. R. Paiva – Test Patterns for Android Mobile Applications

EuroPLoP 2015 Focus Groups