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EuroPLoP is the premier European conference on patterns and pattern languages. Experience a unique way of knowledge sharing in the fields of software development, system design, human computer interaction, education, business and many more.

EuroPLoP invites both academics and practitioners to participate when theory meets practice. Learn about the latest experience from the field and understand how and why good designs work.

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Patterns are a systematic way to capture the experience of experts about good designs or best practices and document these nuggets of wisdom in an accessible way for peers.

Patterns and pattern languages are used in several design and engineering disciplines. A pattern describes and reasons about a relationship between a certain context, a problem and its solution in that context. The problem is discussed in terms of conflicting forces. The solution is illustrated by its general structure, examples and instructions how to generate it. Patterns also capture the consequences of their applications.

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Hillside Europe is a non-profit organisation that promotes the pattern approach to practitioners and researchers.

The organisation aims to support scientific and educational issues of information technology. Its focus is on collecting and disseminating expertise on well-proven techniques for software analysis and development, as well as on the human aspects of computing.

Hillside Europe runs conferences and issues publications to promote these goals.

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