Educational Patterns


Christian Kohls, TH Köln

Christian Köppe, Utrecht University

Patterns are a systematic way to capture the experience of experts about good or best practices and document these nuggets of wisdom in an accessible way for designers. Patterns are appreciated by academics and practitioners alike because they describe and reason about good designs in a way that makes it possible for others to understand and reuse it.

Educational patterns capture good and successful practices and forms in educational contexts: methods, set-ups, scenarios, content and curriculum design, assessment, resources, tools, administration etc.

Most activity:

Educational pattern projects

The Learning Design Grid:

E-learning Design Patterns Repository:

The Pattern Language Network – Taming web2.0 in Higher Education:

Learning Patterns for teh design and deployment of mathematical games:


Edutech Wiki: (German) has a section on design patterns:

Pedagogical Patterns Project

Book: Pedagogical Patterns: Advice For Educators


Other projects and communities
The ILDE (Integrated Learning Design Environment) includes both a template for editing patterns and pattern-based learning design tools




Patterns for Person-Centered e-Learning (Michael Derntl)
The theories of design patterns and their practical implications exemplified for e-learning patterns (Christian Kohls)