Writers' Workshops


  • Patterns for Returning Information from C Functions
  • C Patterns on Objects and their Lifetime
  • Three Patterns of Data Type Composition
  • Atomic Patterns for Indexing
  • And the Tool Created a GUI That was Impure and Without Form: Anti-Patterns in Automatically Generated GUIs
  • Message Decorator Pattern
  • IoT Device Security the Hard(ware) way



  • Architecture Board
  • Architecture Reviews in Software Development Organizations
  • Program Backlog Patterns
  • Implement a collaboration format to foster innovation and build up knowledge
  • The Monolithic Trunk, How and why to make it
  • The Business of Open Source



  • Applying Idioms for Synchronization Mechanisms. Synchronizing communication components for an N Body Simulation.
  • Applying Design Patterns for Communication Components. Communicating Parallel Layer components for the Fast Fourier Transform.
  • Applying Architectural Patterns for Parallel Programming. Solving the Laplace Equation.
  • A System of Privacy Patterns for Informing Users
  • A Pattern Language for Blockchain-based Applications
  • Separation of Operation and Management
  • Applying Patterns - A Shared Repository for Embedded and Distributed Systems



  • A Set of Patterns in Adult Education
  • Outside In and Inside Out – New hybrid education patterns
  • Using Design Patterns for Preservice Teacher Education
  • Patlet Cards
  • Patterns for Discussing and Modelling Variability in Business Processes
  • Wholeness Egg: Methodology of Designing Workshops and Presentations by Differentiating the Whole
  • Two important functions Pattern Experience Chart Generator and Sharing Experiences of the platform Patterns We Live By



  • Fogxy - An Architectural Pattern for Fog Computing
  • Engineering Software for the Cloud: Supervised Execution and Scheduler
  • Engineering Software for the Cloud: External monitoring and Fault injection
  • Microservice Patterns for Industrial Edge Applications
  • A misuse Pattern for DDoS in the IoT
  • A security pattern for NoSQL (key value pairs) database authorization
  • Applying the Expand and Contract pattern on Databases with Zero Downtime Deployments


WORKSHOP F - DOWNLOAD (all papers exept DVI)  -  DOWNLOAD("Designing Video Interfaces")

  • Designing Video Interfaces
  • Patterns of Design
  • Uncertain Values, Error-Propagation and Decision-Confidence
  • A Collection of Multidomain Communication Patterns
  • A Pattern Language for Human-in-the-Loop Analysis of Runtime Events Using Design Models
  • Interface Quality Patterns - Crafting and Consuming Message-Based Remote APIs
  • How to Root Effectuation Skills in Your Project Team