Writer's Workshops 2017


  • Patterns for Designing Innovation Communities
  • Introducing Pattern Management
  • Becoming a Preferred Employer
  • Specification in Continuous Software Development
  • A Pattern Language for Workflow Engine Conformance and Performance Benchmarking
  • Treating Pattern Sublanguages as Patterns with an Application to Organizational Patterns



  • Physical Quantity - A Pattern Language for Quantities and Units in Physical Calculations
  • Sortcolumn - Managing the Sequence of Arbitrary Ordered Elements
  • Patterns for C Iterator Interfaces
  • Patterns for a Monolithic Code Base
  • Cooperation in Large Code Bases
  • Analysis of GoF Design Patterns used in Knowledge Processing Systems
  • Service Decoupler: Full Dynamic Decoupling in Service Invocation



  • Empirical Evaluation Methods for Pattern Languages
  • Internet of Things Patterns for Device Bootstrapping and Registration
  • A Pattern Language for High-Performance Computing Resilience
  • Patterns grasping the trade-off between distributing data or information
  • Patterns for the Industrial Internet / Industrie 4.0
  • Engineering Software for the Cloud: Message Queues and Logging
  • Patterns for Managing Tenants in a Multi-tenant Application



  • TinG-PL: A Pattern Language for Text in the GUI
  • Interactive Patterns: Mobile Data Visualization
  • Anti-Patterns in End-User Documentation
  • A Taxonomy and Repository of Business Process Modelling Patterns
  • Soccer Coaching Patterns: A Pattern Language for Nurturing Children's Growth Through Soccer
  • User-Centered Design Journey for Pattern Development
  • Linguistic Patterns and Styles for Requirements Specification: The RSL/Business-Level Language



  • Two safety patterns
  • The Container Manager Pattern
  • Identifying Agile Requirements Engineering Patterns in industry by means of empirical research
  • Aspect Frames -- A Means to Support the Description of Cross-Cutting Concerns in AORE
  • Interface Representation Patterns - Patterns for Crafting and Consuming Message-Based Remote APIs
  • Containment Checking of Behaviour in Architectural Patterns
  • Architecture Management in Software Development Organizations



  • Revisiting Past Decisions
  • Basic Patterns for Dialogical Meeting: Open Dialogue Patterns, Part2
  • Sharing is Caring
  • Patterns for cross device communication in a blended space for innovation
  • Feedback Design Patterns for Math Online Learning Systems
  • Organizing Design Patterns for Privacy: Towards a Pattern Language